High frequency cryostat setup with 3D-Vector Coil System




  • Helium bath/flow cryostat
    • Temperature range: 1.3 K to 300 K
  • Two coil magnet system
    • Vertical coil (Y-axes): magnetic field up to 5 T
    • Horizontal coils (X- and Z-axes): magnetic field up to 1 T
  • Sample holder:
    • 24 DC lines
    • 6 high frequency lines (up to 26 GHz)
  • Measurement techniques
    • Resistance, magnetoresistance and Hall effect: AC (using lock-in amplifier) and DC (using current source and nanovoltmeter)
    • Magnetotransport (current induced), depinning field detection, injection of short current pulses (ns-regime), ...