Open positions for PhD theses, Master and Bachelor theses and postdoctoral positions at the Institute of Physics, Solid State Physics:

In the lab of Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui at the Institute of Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz static and dynamic properties of geometrically confined spin structures, magnetoresistance effects and spin transfer torque as well as spin current-induced magnetization dynamics are in the focus of research. In addition to metallic materials, advanced oxidic multiferroics and novel materials, such as graphene are investigated. Furthermore in the group there are already significant research activities in the areas of electronic properties of complex thin film materials (half metallic Heusler compounds, unconventional superconductors , shape memory alloys, etc.) that will be continued by Prof. (apl.) Dr. Gerhard Jakob and PD Dr. Martin Jourdan. For more information on our projects please see the section on research.

There are a number of job openings in these research fields as detailed to the right. For Bachelor and Master thesis topics, please refer to the overview of our research.

The physics department at the University of Mainz has been consistently ranked as one of the leading physics departments in Germany (top 5 in the 2017 Shanghai Ranking, leading in the 2018 DFG Project Ranking, details see here and in the 2010 CHE ranking it was selected for the excellence group in Europe. It is particularly strong in the area of condensed matter physics/ material sciences. The Graduate School of Excellence "Materials Science in Mainz" (MAINZ) supports research in advanced magnetic and electronic materials in the institute and the department takes part in various collaborative research centers (Sonderforschungsbereiche). In particular the Collaborative Research Center Spin + X - "Spin in its collective environment" supports spintronics research in Mainz and provides a range of exciting opportunities for students from the bachelor to the PhD level. We are also involved in a range of EU and German research networks and work with leading industrial partners.

Please submit your applications to or for Internships (Hiwi-Stellen) come and talk to us (G. Jakob, M. Jourdan, M. Kläui).


Offene Stellen für Doktorarbeiten, Master und Bachelor-Arbeiten, sowie wissenschaftliche Assistentenstellen und Hiwi-Stellen am Institut für Physik in experimenteller kondensierter Materie:

Wir haben immer Angebote für Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten. Detaillierte Beschreibungen finden sich rechts im Bereich: Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten.

Für weitere Möglichkeiten, konsultieren Sie bitte unsere Seite zu unseren Forschungsaktivitäten.
Bei generellen Fragen oder zu Details kommen Sie einfach vorbei (G. Jakob, M. Jourdan, M. Kläui).